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Key Facts

Practical Publishing International is the vehicle to offer you highly targeted marketing campaigns aimed directly at craft enthusiasts. Our readers purchase our magazines so they can get inspiration and ideas for their favourite hobby. By running campaigns throughout our titles you can reach all your potential customers and drive them to your business with no wastage to your budget.

Our titles are designed to help you create cost effective marketing campaigns catered to all your business needs. Talk to us about your business objectives and we will offer you ideas and solutions to make sure you achieve everything you've planned for at a cost-effective price you can afford.

Your sales consultant at Practical Publishing International can advise you on ideas so you can highlight and showcase your unique selling points within your campaigns. Our professional design studio can also ensure that all your artwork is unique to you and laid out professionally so it will not only set you apart from your competitors, but also help you to win the business. Don't be afraid to ask your consultant at Practical Publishing International about current trends in the market. What products are consumers excited about and how we can help you promote them. Each of our titles are specifically designed to give you the means to showcase your business. Through our portfolio, we can promote your business to the masses and enable you to drive their sales.

We're here to help you promote and grow your business and help you to generate increased profits and a reputation that leaves your competitors standing. Collectively our titles have actually seen a recent growth in magazine sales, which indicates that people are not giving up their hobbies – so why should you neglect them? There's no time like the present. Call your Practical Publishing International consultant today and see how we can increase your profits……There are over 200,000 crafters waiting to hear from you!

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